What is a Cat Cafe?

Cat cafes in the UK, and around the world, have many differences. But the one thing they have in common is – you guessed it – cats!

Enjoy a cup of tea, cake, lunch or even a cat-themed activity alongside the cafe’s feline residents. Usually the cats live on the cafe premises, so it is their home. A cat cafe visit is purrfect for feline fans, those seeking a unique cafe experience, or pet lovers who can’t have one of their own due to circumstance. For this reason the busiest and most popular cat cafes tend to spring up in larger cities, where living conditions in rented flats or accommodation, as well as high student populations, mean that residents often can’t have their own pet. Cat cafes provide a solution to this while ensuring a stable home for the cats.

For UK cat cafes, you usually have to book in advance, and get a set time to visit the cafe. Some serve tea and cake, others full menus, so do check with your preferred cafe before booking your visit.

Often cat cafes have lower age limits, for reasons varying from not wanting to disturb the cats, to insurance or safety reasons. Again, be sure to check this on the cafe’s own website.

As for what to expect at a cat cafe, you’ll have very different experiences throughout the country (and worldwide!). Cats create a relaxed atmosphere, and there should be several cat welfare rules or guidelines to ensure that you respect them and other visitors.

Opening hours vary, although most are open during standard cafe business hours, including at weekends.

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