Is there a cat cafe coming to Cheltenham?

Cat Cafe News

Could Gloucestershire be getting its first cat cafe? Paw-haps (sorry).

A local cat lover has started a crowdfunding campaign to open a cat cafe in Cheltenham. With a sizeable goal of £10,000, it has 37 days remaining at the time of writing, with pledges totalling just £384 so far. The crowdfunding URL describes it as “Lazy Cat Lounge”

Most successful cat cafe crowdfunding campaigns in the past have been marked out by significant social media activity to attract local feline fans and convince them to donate. No sign of that so far as the crowdfunding page is just one paragraph with few details on how the cat cafe will operate – we hope to see more as the campaign progresses.

Local press have reported on the campaign but don’t have any further details or comments from the owner so far.

The owner of the page, Frances Tonner, describes herself as “A restaurant and hospitality expert from Cheltenham who has a long history of fostering cats and helping cat shelters where possible” in her crowdfunder profile. Sounds like she has all the right credentials to make Cheltenham’s first cat cafe a success – we wish her luck and hope to continue following the campaign…

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